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Should I insulate my attic or my garage for the best energy savings? 🏠

You don’t need to worry about this— we’ll give you a full rundown of your options after your audit.
But if you still want to know right now: your attic, for sure. That’s where you have the most air leaking, so that’s where you’ll save most energy and cash.

Am I eligible for the rebates and loans? How would I know? 💸

Are you a homeowner who lives in NJ? If yes, you’re eligible for loans AND rebates!
Rent in NJ? You’re eligible for rebates, but not loans.

How much do I get from the rebates & loans? Is it really no out-of pocket costs? 💰

Your rebate = anywhere between $2000 – $5000.
Your loan = up to $15k for 7-10 years at as low as 0% interest.
It depends on your energy savings (and the total project cost) — so you’ll get exact numbers within 24 hours of your audit (once we’ve modeled the job in our energy predictive software, and predicted your annual energy savings).

Can I have someone come down for an estimate? 🔍

Sure, you can schedule an audit, and you’ll get an exact breakdown of costs after our inspectors model your home and create your Comfort Plan. An audit costs $300 — typically your only out-of-pocket cost for the entire upgrade project.

How much will it cost to spray foam my attic? 💨

It’s impossible to know until the audit because it depends on a lot of factors aside from square footage. For example: if you have a lot of air leaking out, your energy savings are likely to be higher — which qualifies you for more rebates. You might have a small attic but need a heavier foam layer, or a large attic but a thinner seal will do it for you.
After your audit, you’ll get a clear breakdown of your rebate amount, loan amount, and monthly payment plan.

Will I really see a difference in the comfort of my home? 🧸

Yes! If not, you’ll be the first of 10,000+ families who hasn’t.
Sealing makes sure the expensive conditioned air that you paid for doesn’t leak out + cold/warm air doesn’t come in. That means your house won’t get as hot or cold, will hit the temperature you set faster, and systems won’t need to run as often to maintain that temperature.

After Homesynct, families no longer had to layer up in sweaters through cold winters, were able to remove space heaters and ACs in specific rooms, finally started enjoying floors or rooms they couldn’t use before, and even found some allergy relief.

Sounds great! But why choose Homesynct for all this? 👈 🎯
Simple. Nobody else does all this — full energy performance analysis that includes sealing, plumbing, heating and cooling.
Check out other Homesynct benefits (including health & safety checks, rebate qualification, and workers that get it right) over

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