Insulation + Sealing

Snuff out drafts, chills, heat waves + pollen invasions, and keep your warmed or cool air in.

Where we seal? Everywhere.

But here’s where you feel it most:


Sealing blocks the heat/cold seeping into the attic and lets your HVAC catch a break.


Now the room next door is just as cozy or cool as everywhere else.

Crawl Space

No more popsicle feet. Your overhead floor & the adjoining rooms feel just like anywhere else, even during extreme temperatures.


Prevent humid air from wafting upstairs and causing uneven temperatures.

Your secret weapon against the (not-so-great) outdoors

Why our sprayfoam is just so good

  • Sticks to every surface for a didn't-miss-a-spot seal

  • No major construction (or noise) – just spray and you're set

  • Won't degrade – and doesn't need maintenance

  • 100% safe + no harmful gassing with our experienced installation experts

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at our attic sealing process

Before Homesynct

  • Drafts/ heat seeping in, and controlled air seeping out

  • House is half hot, half cold, never comfortable

  • It takes forever to reach the desired temperature

  • Entire rooms or floors are unusable, never warming up + cooling off properly

After Homesynct

Sealed Home
  • Air stays where it’s supposed to – seriously cutting your energy costs

  • Air-flow is balanced so temperatures are even from room to room

  • Gain a brand-new floor or set of rooms, where the kids can play or you can have a private office

  • When you’re inside with the windows closed, you’ll never know if it’s spring or winter out

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Did you know?

It takes 4X more energy to heat homes in the US than it does to cool them.

Make my home comfier to live in, and cheaper to run