Feel the difference: always comfortable, always saving

How we get your home to cost less and feel just right

Step 1

Check if you qualify

  • See if you qualify here, then one of our experts will reach out. They’ll give you answers about your home – the drafts, the HVAC, the bills, the fog when you breathe… anything you want fixed – and help you move forward.
Step 2

Get your rebate pre-approval

  • Share your utility bills, so we can check if you’re a likely fit for the government incentive program. Then, we help you get pre-approved for the rebates and loan
Step 3

See what’s worth changing

  • We’ll audit your home and analyze your energy and usage bills. Then we’ll develop your Comfort Plan: showing you where it’s worth upgrading, how to save on energy (and bills), and which loans + rebates you’ll get. Heads up: the audit is $300. This is usually the only out-of-pocket cost for the entire upgrade.
Step 4

Snag your rebates + loans

  • We walk you through the rebates, and help you get approved. Rebates range from $2000 – $5000, loans go up to $15,000 for 7-10 years, with as low as 0% interest. Then we sign off on work, and put you on the schedule
Step 5

Install your upgrades

  • An experienced team comletes the work quickly – typically within a day or two. If the weather’s extreme (and often even if not), you’ll immediately see the difference in your unit usage and home comfort.
Step 6

Live it up

  • We run a final quality inspection – and you’re done! Instead of you working for your units, they’re finally working for you. Temps are more balanced. The heat/ AC work. Home is the comfiest place to hang out in. And savings are serious

“They’re the kind of trustworthy people you want working on your home. Upfront and clear, they answered any questions I had without my having to ask them.”

Michael Gauge

Comfier living. Lower bills.

Get your home in sync.