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Your Homesynct upgrades in action

Get a full picture of what changes in your home after a Homesynct upgrade (besides lower bills).

Attic Sealing

Seal your roof, walls & floors, and stop cold/hot air leaking in.

Garage Insulation

Insulate garage roof & walls to cozy-proof the rooms above and next door, and make them comfy all year round.

Heating + Cooling Saver

Save twice -
1. Lower bills, thanks to a more energy-efficient system
2. Longer unit life, because they're running less now that they're not fighting outside air

Thermostat Efficiency

Set the temperature (even without upgrading your thermostat), and watch the house warm up or cool off to your desired degree in much less time.

Usable Rooms (or Floors)

Poor attic & garage sealing meant this spaced used to be frigid in winter, stuffy in summer. Now you, your guests, and kids can play, work, and chill here all the time.

Unfinished Spaces

This spot used to leak out your cooled or heated air, and freely admit the outside air. Now it's sealed, and so are the rooms around it.

Dry, Comfy Basements

Seal humidity (and unwanted critters) out, and stop damp, chilly, or stuffy air invading the rest of the home.

Water Tank Saver

Soak in hot showers, run hot laundry cycles, wash endless dishes... without feeling it in your bills.

Regulated Upper Floors

No more stuffy upper levels. Much more even temperatures, whichever side of the house you're on.

“They’re the kind of trustworthy people you want working on your home. Upfront and clear, they answered any questions I had without my having to ask them.”

Michael Gauge

Comfier living. Lower bills.

Get your home in sync.