why homesynct?

Goodbye drafts.

Hello savings.

Your home made efficient and comfortable —
with minimal upfront cost

Cash in
on rebates + zero-interest loans

so after the audit, you usually don’t pay a cent upfront.
NJ offers $3-5k in rebates + grants, and up to $15k in interest-free loans to help you become greener. But qualifying for them? Well, you know government programs. Rules, requirements and red tape.

We do the math for you, get you eligible, and figure out how to tap into the most effective upgrades + savings. 

Cash Rebates
Air Quality

Live healthier
with air purity + safety testing

No, it’s not just outside. Inside air can be polluted too. Allergens, dust, and toxic fumes from appliances are silent, invisible, but all-too-often present. 

We carry out thorough safety and air-quality testing before and after installation to make sure we’re leaving you with purer air than you had before.

Get it all done
with ONE professional team

so from audit to comfy home, it’s faster, cheaper and simpler.

Yeah, you could spend time researching these programs independently and looking for contractors, get (mismatched) work done on (mismatched) timelines, and spend money you may not have.

Or you could get one team to help you from start to finish.

One Team
Honest Opinion

Get honest advice
about what’s worth doing

so you don’t waste your time if rebates or savings are minimal. Everyone you deal with from your first call is here for one person: you.

We’ll answer your questions, explain how it works, and advise you on all the tiny deets. But we don’t want you to waste your anything. So if your home’s cool as it is, we’ll just… say so.

Comfier living. Lower bills.

Get your home in sync.